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Get Your Life Back with Our Vertigo Treatment to Stop Dizziness

Pinpoint the cause of your vertigo to get relief from feeling dizzy.

Feeling lightheaded, dizzy or unbalanced can hurt your ability to function from day to day. Our vertigo treatment can to stop dizziness by treating the cause—oftentimes the result of an inner ear problem. We can help restore your quality of life.

Dr. Robert P. Collette, M.D.

As one of Orlando’s leading sinus doctors, Dr. Collette finds the underlying cause to determine the right vertigo treatment for you.

Your first step in getting relief from dizziness is to pinpoint the way you’re feeling. Are you feeling lightheaded, unbalanced, as if the room is spinning? You may classify all these symptoms under the same term—dizziness—but they are caused by very different conditions and have different treatment options as well.

Here are a few conditions that may be causing your dizziness:

  • Inner ear inflammation 
  • Ear infection 
  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) 
  • Labyrinthitis, a condition caused from a viral infection 
  • Meniere’s disease 
  • Acoustic neuroma, a benign tumor of the ear 
  • High/low blood pressure 
  • Diabetes 
  • Reaction to a medication

Dr. Robert P. Collette and his experienced medical staff will listen to you as you share how you are feeling; be sure to mention whether you are experiencing any associated symptoms, such as fever, vomiting or shortness of breath. Once your symptoms are understood, Dr. Collette can diagnose the cause of your dizziness or determine if more testing is needed.

Our state-of-the-art VNG diagnostic equipment is the more accurate, consistent and a less invasive way to locate the cause of your dizziness.

We use the most advanced videonystagmography (VNG) testing technology to determine if inner ear disease may be causing your vertigo or balance problems, so you can get the right treatment and finally get relief. This advanced test is only available in a select few practices in Florida.

Don’t let your uncomfortable symptoms affect your life anymore. Take advantage of a specialist right in your hometown. Contact us today to schedule a priority consultation.

“After seeing Dr. Collette for dizziness, my head feels more clear than it has in three years. It is like a miracle!”
Ernie S. Orange City, Fl. Click for more patient testimonials.
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