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Feel Better Faster with VNG Dizzy Testing

Dr. Robert P. Collette, M.D.Dizziness stops you in your tracks, keeping you from doing much of anything. This symptom not only interrupts your day, but can indicate a very serious condition. State-of-the-art VNG testing is the most efficient and precise way to determine what is causing your dizziness, so you can get the right treatment—fast.

Reading the Many Symptoms and
Signs of Dizziness

“Feeling dizzy” is an extremely broad term that can point to many different feelings and conditions, and each of those conditions has a different treatment to fix the problem. Your body’s balance system is located in the inner ear, and many conditions and diseases can affect the working of your inner ear’s balance systems.

If your symptoms match any of what is listed below, you may be a candidate for VNG dizzy testing:

  • A feeling of spinning or movement—Called vertigo, this feeling can be caused by brain or inner ear problems, most commonly BBPV, inflammation/infection in the ear, Meniere’s disease, a tumor, migraines or a stroke. This type of dizziness is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, sweating and abnormal eye movements. 
  • Lightheaded—You may feel faint or lightheaded at the sight of blood, during emotional distress, when standing up too quickly, or while taking certain medications. This occurs when there is a loss of blood supply to the brain. For instance, when you stand up too quickly, your body may take a few seconds to increase your blood pressure to efficiently push blood all the way up to your brain. 
  • Queasiness, nausea, vomiting, seasickness—These feelings can be associated with vertigo, but can also be caused by illnesses such as the flu or consistent motion that affects your inner ear balance, such as spending time on a boat. 
  • Off-balance, confusion, stumbling—When your inner ear is damaged, you may have problems walking or standing. This can indicate a less-serious condition of dehydration, but can also indicate a serious condition, such as a heart attack or stroke, that needs immediate attention.

All of these symptoms of dizziness may be coupled with other symptoms such as weakness, confusion, tiredness, headaches, dry mouth or ringing in the ears. By evaluating these symptoms, your medical history, and a physical examination, Dr. Collette will perform a VNG test (Videonystagmography Dizzy Test) to determine what is causing your symptoms. This four-part test is available in only a select few medical practices in Florida; it can diagnose your inner ear problem and pinpoint the part of the ear that is affected.

The advanced test means you get an accurate, precise diagnosis, and Dr. Collette can treat your dizziness to get you relief faster.

Treating Dizziness

Depending on what is causing your dizziness, Dr. Collette will prescribe a treatment tailored to your condition. For instance, the Epley maneuver or Semont maneuver is used to treat BBPV—a condition where you experience episodes of vertigo when moving the position of your head. This treatment can be performed by a health professional or you can even learn to do it at home.

Other treatments remedy your inner ear problem with antibiotics (ear infections) or a sinus surgical procedure that repairs inner ear function.

Don’t wait to discover the cause of your dizziness. Dr. Collette will evaluate and diagnose the underlying condition behind your symptom using the VNG test and give you the best treatment to remedy the problem. Contact us today to schedule your priority consultation, and get your balance back!

“Headaches and congestion have gone. Should have done this surgery sooner. Thanks, Dr. Collette!”
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