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Breathe Easier Simply with Turbinate Nasal Surgery

Imagine if you never had to suffer with chronic congestion and sinus pressure ever again. Dr. Robert P. Collette can make that possibility into your reality. With advanced medical tests and techniques, such as Turbinate Nasal Surgery, we can eliminate blockages in your nasal passageways, and give you relief from your sinus condition.

Understanding Turbinate Surgery

Turbinates are boney structures in your nose that help to moisten, warm and clean the air that your breathe, but when they swell or protrude into the passageway, they obstruct the airflow causing chronic congestion and sinus pressure.

Turbinate nasal treatment, or turbinectomy, gently reduces the size of these turbinates to open your airway. You’ll see an improvement in these painful sinus symptoms with Turbinate Nasal Surgery:

  • Nasal drainage and post-nasal drip 
  • Difficulty breathing 
  • Decreased sense of smell and taste 
  • Sinus headaches 
  • Snoring and sleep apnea

Performed under general anesthesia, you can usually go home on the same day as the procedure and can return to work a week after the surgery—although Turbinate Nasal Surgery is sometimes performed in conjunction with a Septoplasty Turbinate procedure, so your recovery time can change.

Dr. Collette treats the cause of your sinus pain for lasting results.

Congestion and nasal pressure can be caused by many conditions including allergies, a deviated septum and an inflamed sinus membrane, but diagnosing which condition is causing your symptoms will ultimately determine your treatment. As Orlando’s leading ENT specialist, Dr. Collette uses the latest testing and evaluation techniques to correctly diagnose and treat your condition, providing you with lasting relief.

Solve your sinus problem now to improve your health and happiness. Contact us to find out what is causing your symptoms and get the right treatment. Schedule a priority consultation today.

“No more stuffiness and fullness. Dr. Collette fixed my symptoms when no one else could. Great job!”
Keith M. Lake Mary, FL Click for more patient testimonials.
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